Minecraft Server

This will ping the frontend of my Minecraft Server, and then provide basic information. The backends will be added once Velocity has had some of it's quirks fixed.

Network Frontend

Pinging server...

SMP World Map

This is a render of the world map for my SMP server. This render will be updated approximately every week. You can view the map directly here.

Mojang Services

This will give you a basic rundown on the current operating status of the different services utilised by Minecraft.

Xbox Services Session Server Mojang API Minecraft API
Obtaining... Obtaining... Obtaining... Obtaining...

This page utilises Minecraft Server Status API and mcping API to ping the servers and also get the status of the Mojang Services, as well as MinedMap for the World Map.

All credits go to LEM for the base of this site. Liath Web is not associated with Mojang Studios or 4J Studios.